Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Expectations in May Election 2016

       The Filipino voters had already chose their respective leaders for their town and for the whole country. Of course, in every election, there are losers and winners. Who ever won in this election, let us hope that they will do their job as what they promised to their constituent. Before the election some of my expectations turned into reality.

First, I predicted that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will be elected as our president. No, I'm not like Pastor Apollo Quiboloy that prophesied that Duterte will become a president of the Philippines. My prediction was based to the calling of the Filipino people for a change. Among the presidential candidates, he is the only one who are have a gut to become our leader. I believed that through his iron hand he could discipline us.

I also expected that the violence which is related to the election would also happen. This is not a new thing in Philippine politics especially in some provinces. The families of politicians are ready to do anything for the sake of power. For they already treated politics as their business where they can get juicy transactions in the government.

I am for Duterte, but in presidential race I chose Leni Robredo although she is a candidate from Liberal Party. I chose her because she never involved in any issue of corruption. I am hoping that she will not let his political party to use her for their own interest. I already expected that she will win as vice president. I knew that many Filipino people didn't choose Bongbong Marcos because they don't want the Marcoses to get back in Malacanang. They are aware that if Bongbong become a vice president, he will run as president in 2022.

I also sense that Manny Pacquiao will win as Senator despite of his hate speech against homosexuality. Many people are worried because they believed that Pacquaio could not performed well in the Senate. When he was still a congressman, he didn't pass any bill. Then, he only attended four times in the sessions. Yes, that's true, but now he already retired in boxing. So, there is no reason that he could not do his job in the Senate. Let us hope that his concern for the poor would convert into making a bill.

Of course, I also expected that the unpopular candidates but who have a good platform will not win in this election. Before you run in politics, of course you have enough funds or resources for the campaign. Sad but true, politics is all about money. We can count in our fingers those politicians who have a good intention for our country. If they elected, it is time them to pay to the person or groups who supported financially for their candidacy.

Now, we have a new administration, let us hope that Duterte should fulfill his promise to us. If we really want a true change, let us cooperate with him.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Top 10 Good Characteristics of My Presidential Bet

The calling for a change of the Filipino people is stronger. Unlike in the past election, many of us doesn't care about the situation of our country. But nowadays, they are already aware that we need to change the old system and we need a new leader that we could bring us in a new path.

Here are the characteristic of my presidential bet. I hope that the other voters should scrutinize this. Maybe it could help if they are still undecided...

1. My presidential bet has a good record of public service. He is not involved in any illegal transaction while he is serving in a local position. We need a president like him to become a good example, not only to the government officials, but especially to the youth who are looking for an idol.

2. He has a different approach in governance. He is not a traditional politician who are always deceiving his constituents. He don't know how to pretend in the front of public. He show his true color, he don't hide anything. If he become a leader, we can expect a transparent government from him.

3. He mark his words. If he promise, he will do it. He is only promising the things that he can do. he is not like other politician who are promising that they will give the heaven and the stars just to get the vote of the people. He says to the voters that don't vote for him if he don't like his policy or platform. it means that is not hungry of power.

4. He is not afraid even he attack some entities like the Church and big nations. As long as he knows what he is talking about, he will fight for it. But if realize that he is wrong, he will make a public apology. He is blaming other people for his own mistakes.

5. My presidential bet is ready to risk his reputation and his own life. If we think, it is impossible that he can eradicate the criminality in our country within 3-6 months. Some of his critics judged him that he can't do it. He need to declare Martial Law if he want to attain it. But if a leader has a strong political will, there is nothing impossible. His plan is not based on killing criminals, but it is based strengthening the police intelligence and to speed the trial and our judicial system.

6. He is thinking about the future of our youth that's why he really hates drug addiction. We knew that illegal drugs is destroying their future. Who among the presidential candidates who have a concrete how to eliminate the drug problem in our country? If the drug syndicates would be dismantled, we could attain a peaceful society.

7. He has also a concern for the ordinary workers that's why if he become a president he will abolish contractualization. This is illegal according in our Constitution, but the big businessmen find a way how to make it legal. Under my presidential bet's regime, employee will become regular. The regularization should be base of their performance and not base upon an unfair contract.

8. My presidential bet has a wide view and tough principles in terms of extending our friendship to other countries. Yes, diplomacy is very important. As of now, we are still a weak country and we can't stand in our own. But as independent country, we should always consider our own interest. if our allied country has a vested interest that could affect our country, it is only right if we reject it. Friendship is a give and take, they can't take advantage us.

9. Even he has blatant mouth, my candidate is standing for peace. He only hates criminals, but he don't hate the other groups who have an opposite principle. He is respecting them that's why he knew how to deal with the Muslim rebels and to the Communist party. True peace in Mindanao could be achievable right now and peace talks with the NPA is very possible under his regime.

10. He is not a credit grabber, he knew how to acknowledge where he got the idea. During the presidential debate, he is willing to copy some of the plans of his rivals. There was nothing wrong about that, just pick up the idea if it is good for our country. All you have to do is to mold or develop it. But it doesn't mean that he don't have his own platform. He only knew how to detect if the program is good or not. He will not ignore the program although it belongs from his opponents. For the sake of our country, he is open for any good suggestions to develop of our country. In the end, it is up to him if he accept or reject it.

By the way, do you know who is my presidential bet? Yes, it is Rodrigo Duterte!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Good Governance Under Duterte's Regime

        We can't deny that most of our politicians are corrupt. They run in politics just  to gain wealth. It seems that politics becomes a business and it is not about public service. They can earn money through illegal transaction in the government. This is the sad face of Philippine politics. It is about time to change it. We need a president who have a gut and not afraid to overhaul our the bureaucratic system in our government or else our country would be totally wrecked.

I will vote Rodrigo Duterte this coming May 9. I believed that this leader is not a corrupt politician. His life is a good example for us, despite of his power he chose to live as a simple person. He is not living in a mansion and he don't have a luxury car. If he is a corrupt, maybe he have many properties right now. He have a beautiful hacienda like one of his opponents. He has a good record while he was serving as mayor and congressman in Davao. He has no graft case in Ombudsman.

Duterte is hates corruption.  He promised that if he become a president, he will stop the corruption in government. I believed in him because once he told it, he will do it. For sure, he will terminate all the corrupt officials out there. His regime would not just a lip service, but it is built based on principle and integrity.

I also hope that in Duterte's leadership, good governanance would emerge. If you're an enemy of corruption, it has a domino effect into our society. The public funds would be used properly. It means that the services of the government would be improved and become sufficient. There is a tendency that the poverty could be lessen because they can create jobs with the help of private investors.

Maybe it is hard to achieve the things which is stated above. But if we have a leader like Duterte, he can do it. He don't haveindulgunce to any business thycoon or to the oligarchs that's why he is not afraid to implement an order that the people could benefit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Big Fight of our Next President

Here we go again, the election is coming very nearly. Every voter is looking for a true change, they are hoping that the next leader of our country would make a difference compare to our past presidents.

My vote is for Rodrigo Duterte, but there is no assurance if he would win in presidential election. Despite the fact that he us very popular nowadays, we can't deny that he has a lot of bashers also. In the end, the decision is in the hands of the majority of the voters. By the way, here are my suggestion, how the next president could improve the lives of the poor and how to fight social injustice.

1. The next president should fight poverty through giving an equal opportunity to our fellowmen. Implementing 4PS is just a temporary solution to the problem. It could not totally help them to out from poverty. What they need is livelihood. So, the next president should provide a lot of jobs to lessen the unemployment rate. He/She sould give a mandatory command to the DOLE and to the local government that they need to work hard to persuade investors to expand their business.  Of course, the government should abolish the red tape to lessen the burden of those groups or individuals who wants to build a business.

2. The next president should also abolish the contractualization law. This is one of the reasons why we have a high unemployment rates. If you're ordinary worker, after five to six months you need to find a new job again. So, it is hard to survive in everyday, if your job is just a contractual basis. It is about time to amend this law to save the million Filipino people from hunger and depression. Not only that, the next president should also give attention to the system that once you're going older, the company will not hire you. The company should base their criteria not with the age, but to the experience of an applicant.

3. I believed that persuading foreign investors is not the only answer in terms of creating jobs. Of course, the government should also support our local businessmen. We have many dying industry here like the garment industry in Taytay or the shoe industry in Marikina. The president should help them to revive their business. The government should make a strong campaign against smuggling goods. So, the president needs to clean the Bureau of Costums which is known as the most corrupt from our government offices!

4. The next president should also deduct our taxes. According to the records, we are one of the countries around the globe that paying high taxes. It is okay if we know that our taxes gives us a better result. The worst is it only goes to the pockets of the corrupt government officials. If the next president could deduct our taxes, we will save a lot of money. Yes, we will not become rich from this; but at least, it will be a big help to our family. The workers would be inspired to work if they know that the government is doing something to lessen their burden.

5. In the issue of social injustice, the president needs to discipline within their ranks. We knew that there are many politicians, military and policemen who are using their power to abuse people. If the president has a strong political will, he will not let those people to oppress the rights of their fellow human beings. To do this, of course, the next president should make himself or herself as good example. If ever there is a victim of social injustice in this country; he/she not tolerate the usurpers or the criminals. Justice should be given to the family of the victims. So, we need a leader who is not afraid to anyone to stop the social injustice in our country.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Duterte on National Defense and Peace and Order

If Duterte become a president, I believed that he can strengthen our national defense by improving our military system. We knew that our soldiers are lack of armaments and their benefits are not enough to compensate their hard work. Once he improved the system, it would boost the moral of our soldiers.

Duterte is not relying to the promises of America that's why he is not supporting VFA. As an independent country, he believed that we should stand on our own. It's our responsibility to protect our country if there is a country that want to invade or oppress us. We also knew that China is bullying us right now because of our territory disputes with them. Duterte had already proclaim that he don't have intention to declare war against China because we are not ready for that. He wanted to sit and talk with them to solve the problem. It cannot be solved through a bloody war.

Yes, Duterte is a leader who is aiming peace despite the fact that he is known for being brave. If he become our president, he has a capability to negotiate with the leaders of other countries who have interest in our natural resources. But Duterte is not a kind of leader has own decision and it can't be dictated by other countries. So, we should expect that it is possible that there is a country that would angry to us because of his style of leadership. So, we need to be alert at all times. If we have a strong national defense, we don't need to worry about anything.

In terms of peace and order, this is the battlecry of Duterte. Under his administration, criminals has no room in this country. Duterte will bring back the death penalty even the Catholic Church is opposing it. He believed that this punishment would bring fear into the minds of the criminal. It is possible that they think thrice before they commit a henoism crime. One thing also, Duterte is a number one enemy of drug trafficking. If he become a president, the numbers of drug lords and drug pushers would be lessen. We knew that illegal drugs is the cause of many crimes. So, we need a leader like Duterte who have a political will to stop this kind of menace in our country. In the end, there is a possibility that we can live in a peaceful society through Duterte's iron hand!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Territorial Dispute With China

        Every politician is shouting for a change during their campaign sorties. This word is just already has been already used for thousand times. But in reality, there is no true change. Many of our fellowmen are still living in a depth poverty. We are also shameful in the eyes of international communities. Foreign investors are staying away from us because of bureaucratic system. How can we redeem our country in this very hard situation? As what we knew, we need a strong leader to guide us in our new path as a country.

If we talk about foreign affairs, we need a leader that who knows how to deal even with the stubborn leaders of other countries. Right now, we are facing a huge problem because China already claimed some of our islands. We need a leader who could talk with them properly. A leader who could show humbleness, but with a steadfast position. We don't need to boast, let us accept the fact that we are a powerless country in terms of military defense. We can't rely to our alliance with America. As of now, China is the second powerful country to the world next to America. The US government has a financial debt to this country. So, how can they attack it if ever we declare war against China?

I heard that Duterte is willing to resolve our dispute with China. Contrary to the belief of others, Duterte is a brave leader, but he is also loves diplomacy. He understands that we can't beat China in a bloody fight. So, we need to talk with them cautiously until we reach a peaceful resolution with this problem. Duterte already said that he don't want to fight with China. It doesn't mean that he becomes coward to this country or he would give up our islands with them. He just want to save our country from a great devastation. Although we Filipino people are known for being a descendants of heroes; we should be careful with our decisions. In just one mistake, our country would be totally affected. Remember, that the rich people in our country has a Chinese blood. What if they would not support in favor of their race origin. War is a last option, Duterte know this.

For me, Duterte has a strong charisma. There is a possibility that he could unite our country because even the Muslim rebels and the leftist are supporting him. If he become a president, he could also deal with foreigners who have other political beliefs or interest. It is just a matter of sincerity and integrity. Duterte could also present himself in the international communities what every political system they have.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Top Reasons Why Duterte Could Lose in Presidential Election?

          Every presidential candidate that running in May 2016 has weaknesses. This is just natural because they are just a human like us. Of course, we want to see our bet to be seated in Malacanang Palace. But if ever they win or lose, we should accept it. Respect the decision of the majority of the Filipino voters. We should not be escapist; just also analyze the possible reasons why our candidate could be lose in the election.

Here are the causes why my presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte could fail as president.

First, many Filipino doesn't want to be disciplined. We are known for being a stubborn race. So, why we choose a leader who want to discipline us. If Duterte could win, maybe some of us thinks that they may lose their freedom to do what they want. They don't like a leader who set a rule for them.

Secondly, some of us thinks that Duterte would be a dictator, much worst that the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos. They believed that Duterte may break the human rights by liquidating criminals and drug addicts out there. They believed that these kind of people has a right to undergo in a due process although they already victimized a lot of people.

Third, Duterte is an imopral leader because he admitted that he is a true womanizer. For others, he is not a good example for our youth because of his indecent acts. He loves to hug and kiss random girls where ever he campaign. He also admitted that he has many girlfriends.

Fourth, Duterte has a strong alliance with the leftist group. There is a rumor that he became a former member of NPA. His critics believed that this is the reason why he is very close to the communist leader like the late NPA Commander Leoncio Pitao or Ka Parago. If Duterte become a president, it seems that we also let the communist party could rule in our country. They hit Duterte for being a double personality. He is serving as leader of a democratic country while hugging the principle of the Marxist.

Well, that's their belief about Duterte and we can't do nothing about that. The important is we believe in his advocacy- to bring a true change in our country. Win or lose, I really admire this leader because among the presidential candidates; he is the only candidate who has a political will to change the rotten system that destroying our government system.